Good Morning Parents!

I just wanted to remind you of a great fundraiser we have going on that will help raise funds for our Kiddie Kuts Foundation! It is a simple and quick Coca-Cola fundraiser, so you’ll be selling Coca-Cola beverages at discounted prices (what easier item could you sell?!) I can email an attachment and copy of our fundraiser packet if you have not already picked one up. All the fundraiser entails is taking orders from family, friends, your churches, community groups, etc. on how many beverage cases they would like to purchase. They can choose from Coca-Cola sodas, Vitaminwater, Dasani, Minute Maid Juices Powerade, and more! You can even buy a couple cases for your own household and save yourself the hassle of running to the store!

There is no upfront money required! Once you are finished taking orders, please submit the order form back to me, and I will coordinate with Coca-Cola to have all the beverages delivered.

This is a great way to help Kiddie Kuts raise money and is also a fun activity for you and your child to do together! Prizes are awarded for our top sellers as well as 2 free months of services at Kiddie Kuts! We are looking to wrap up the fundraiser at the end of January so please get involved and email me if you have any questions!

Erica Miller
Marketing Director

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