Hello Beautiful!

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~ Belonging ~ A Heart Healing Collection

This week's newsletter is simply about heart.

I've completed a month's worth of heart work for myself, utilizing a simple self-care practice which I share with you here, and resulting in three very special herbal potions meant to be used in tandem for your own heart healing needs.

Are you tending your heart's needs?

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I know that for me, my heart needs time in nature, slowly smelling flowers, walking consciously through the forest, and gazing at the magnificent birds that swoop through the air as I wildcraft.

I know that I need quiet time to write and to center myself, clearing away the energies of others and reconnecting to my own compass.

I must spend time writing, and eating good food. My heart needs water - river water, streams, and even sometimes rain.

What does your heart need? Hugs? Dancing? Long conversations? A circle of sisters? More sleep?

I invite you to sit quietly and listen intently to your body. Answers are already present.

Heart-blessings to you, dear one!


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