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“Nuh loyalty nuh deh again, cause friend a plan fi kill friend, where is the love and the unity someone answer that for me”

(Kingston, Jamaica) “My mother always tell mi fi sing good songs, so right now, my song, my chant is for love and unity.”, explains Beres Brown, as he wholeheartedly takes heed to his mother’s request, bringing forth the soul stirring single “Nuh Loyalty”.

Delivering a spiritual message on his break out single “Who Can I Trust”, “Nuh Loyalty” takes a social turn, expressing a cry of love and unity, calling to the listener to answer, where has it gone? Beres weaves a song of inspiration to surpass the badmind, have faith while uniting to build success. “Nuh Loyalty” solidifies Beres’ vocal strengths as he chants over the semi acoustic serenade produced by PayDay Music.

As a former participant in Digicel’s Rising Stars, Beres has overcome the dreg of obstacles placed in his path recently, managing to stand strong and focus on his musical goals. Singing since the age of 12 and likened to Buju and Capleton, Beres encompasses these familiar sounds within his own distinctive musical vibrations.

Trodding through a path of good and bad, 2011 lead Beres (through mutual and fellow culture artist Lutan Fyah) to the support system at PayDay Music Group, where he has been maturing his vocal abilities, and expanding his desire for writing. Beres expresses much thanks to PayDay by saying, “PayDay see my talent, and was willing to work with me. Big Up PayDay fi real, nuff respect”

With a frenzy of new fans growing in Europe, Africa, and South America, the anticipated “Nuh Loyalty” will add on to solid catalog of music, fans have come to expect from Beres. Excited to reach the European stage and gain more exposure within the Caribbean, the artist is motivated to make “Nuh Loyalty” not just a song, but a chant that will endure for years to come.

Rising Stars introduced Beres Brown to a Jamaican audience while his soulful resonance announced him worldwide, but his sheer talent will carry him to success.

"Nuh Loyalty" is available on iTunes and other digital outlets.

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