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Piwik 1.8 released with powerful new features!

We have just released Piwik 1.8 after 3 months of coding, testing, and serious brainstorming! Check out all the new features in the "1.8 Screenshots" Blog post. New features include:
* View historical analysis of any table row... and ability to compare multiple rows together and view historical graph!
* New Analytics reports: Browser marketshare, Desktop VS Mobile, and more
* Custom Dashboards: you can now create new dashboards for a completely personalized & more efficient web analytics experience
* DoNotTrack support enabled by default
* New feature to delete old reports to save database space
* Log Analytics: you can now import server logs in Piwik!
* This version also contain critical security improvements that we found following a paid security audit of the Piwik source code.

Piwik 1.8 announcement (screenshots!) & download


Comparing multiple rows - see more screenshots


NEW: Piwik is the Urchin Alternative for Server Log Processing!


Log Analytics with Piwik

Integrate Piwik with your website platform

We have added a new page listing all 45 different platforms: Content Management Systems, Ecommerce shops, Web Frameworks and Programming Languages that provide a plugin to integrate Piwik.


Piwik integates with these softwares

New Piwik Mobile App release

We are also happy to announce the release of Piwik Mobile App 1.8. Piwik Mobile is more stable, faster and now supports custom date ranges!
Download & info - Piwik Mobile App

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iphone 4 live-400x600

Piwik.org - Check out the online demo

Use the Piwik forums for questions, suggestions, or new features requests.

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