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David Price, Lillie Searcy and Gail Latimore

Creating "neighborhoods of promise"

The directors of the three lead agencies for the Resilient Communities/Resilient Families initiative in Boston are all hoping to re-brand their communities as "neighborhoods of promise."

Read the second part in the Institute's series on the launching of the Sustainable Communities initiative in Boston, called Resilient Communities/Resilient Families.

Read the first part in the series, " 'Passion is very important.' "


The Ten Commandments of a good neighborhood tour

A neighborhood tour can be a key component in a comprehensive community development strategy, drawing new partners, and energizing residents. But only if you do it right.

Read Elizabeth Duffrin's how-to guide for a community tour.

Wonder what results a neighorhood tour can bring? Read "Who benefits from a neighborhood tour? Everyone."

Here's a story about a tour of the Auburn-Gresham community in Chicago.

Read about a tour of parks and boulevards in Chicago.

Charlotte photo.detail

A grade-A tour

A tour of HOPE VI developments in Charlotte scored high in following the 10 commandments of a good neighborhood tour.

Read Eileen Figel's blog post.

Watch her video.

andrianaabariotes 39

Improving neighborhood quality of life: The art of the mosaic

Revitalizing a neighborhood is not done with one brushstroke or by one organization. It is the art of the mosaic, where many pieces have to be assembled and held together for the final picture to emerge.

Read the blog posting by Andriana Abariotes.

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