Pet Product Review Opportunity

The Pet Engineer Radio Talk Show, announces its unique pet product review to increase pet businesses visibility to the public. The reviews are unique because we, The Pet Engineer staff, will make at NO CHARGE videos about pet products, placing them on our website, and more than 50 places we distribute our shows.

Our main objective is to provide pet owners with real life use while giving pet businesses exposure.

The products will be judged by real pets and pet owners. They include, but not limited to pet accessories, clothes, bedding, collars, leashes, food, health care, housing equipment, litter, toys, books, and gifts. The reviews will be based on a criteria for each product such as pet safety, comfort, ingredients, price, material, smell, etc.

Once the reviews are ready and posted, you will be able to use the reviews to increase your brand awareness and credibility.
If you are interested in having your products exposed, please visit The Pet Engineer for more details.

Giana Rosetti
Host & Producer

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