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photo by Darcey Blue French

Juniper Ridge w Darcey 11-21-11 040

Juniper Ridge

This high up spot among the clay soil and grove of Junipers is a new favorite place for me. It's a rocky clamber of a climb, but the summit is gorgeous.

The blue berries were dripping from the trees and deliciously sweet to nibble on.

I'm grateful for the trees, the wild waters, and beauty of New England.

Juniper Ridge w Darcey 11-21-11 022

Lady's Slipper Ring ~ Sacred Self Care

Thank you

I'm grateful for each of you. Thanks for exchanging time and energy with me, enriching my life, inspiring me, and validating the importance of herbal healing and nature connection. Thanks for teaching me how to better serve you and for the work you each do for the plants and your own health.

As a gesture of thanks

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Acorn Johnnycakes 011

This week I invite you to taste everything.

There is a good reason why Ayurveda strives for all six tastes in every meal!

Variety in taste means a lot; it means our digestion is fully stimulated, our food contains a wide range of nutrients, and our meal has all the makings of satisfaction. When our meals contain all the tastes of the pallet, our bodies know that we are being deeply fed.

At your meals, I invite you to eat slowly enough to find the spectrum of tastes on your plate, and savor them.

Can you find:







and can you notice any astringents? Demulcents? What else is there - new flavors you haven't noticed before? How do they make you feel?

Tasting is a simple everyday pleasure, be sure to fill up on the experience above all else at your table.

Acorn Johnnycakes 021

May your feasts be full of goodness and sharing. Cheers!

With Love,




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