ImageFramer Newsletter - August 2010

Greetings from Apparent Software!

In this release:

ImageFramer version 2.4.10 is released
ImageFramer 3 news
A special offer - iAppsForStudents


ImageFramer version 2.4.10 release

New Frames: Added 5 new frames to "Wooden" set in "Real" collection.
They appear at the top of the list.

As always, in order to update your version, use auto-update or download it here.


ImageFramer 3 news

ImageFramer 3 will have several frame types: in addition to regular moulding frame that ImageFramer 2 has, there will be moulding frame with custom corners, a full-frame image and more.

ImageFramer 3 will also have an embedded frame editor that will allow you to create new frames from your images easily (as currently in ImageFramer 2 it's a cumbersome manual process).
Frame editor will also allow you to edit the frame collection structure: create new collections, move frames from one set to another etc. Here's a screenshot of Frame editor in action:

Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 8.30.59

You can find more information on ImageFramer 3 on our Facebook page.


A special offer - iAppsForStudents

Our applications participate in iAppsForStudents sale - a special "Back-to-School" sale of Mac software taking place on August 15th to September 1st.

The sale already contains over 80 discounted applications and the list keeps growing. And contrary to the name, it's not for students only, and the applications are of all kinds, not only school-relevant, so you're welcome to visit :-)


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