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Piwik 1.3 released!

We have just released Piwik 1.3: you can now request reports for any custom Date Range, Goal Tracking options have been improved, the Tracking API (to track data in Piwik from anywhere, in any language) has also been greatly improved.

Piwik 1.3 announcement & download - See the list of new features and changes in the blog post. Have you tried the 3 clicks upgrade process yet? It makes it easy to upgrade to the latest Piwik version.

New Piwik Mobile App release

We are also happy to announce the release of Piwik Mobile App 1.3. Piwik Mobile is the best way to view your Piwik reports on an Android or iOs device.

The new release brings a better User Experience: faster rendering, bigger font sizes, updated logo, pagination in all reports, more translations and bug fixes.

Download & info - Piwik Mobile App


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