In solidarity with New York City’s unions, universities, community organizations, and others, the food justice movement joins the nationwide movement to restore justice to our economy. Come out tomorrow to give voice to the poverty and hunger the food system has created and to
share the powerful message of food justice and food sovereignty.

Please come! This is an historic moment for New York City and for our fledgling movement. Food is also a central issue in the Occupy Wall St. campaign (see points 4 and 5 of the declaration).

When: 4:00 pm
Where: We will assemble as a food justice delegation at Foley Square.
How: You will know the food justice delegation by our colorful banners and the wheelbarrow of root crops we will have on hand (kidding—although feel free to bring one)!

Please bring banners from your organization and signs for the food justice movement. Also, do bring vegetables! Not only are they powerful symbols, but they can provide nourishment for those occupying Wall Street, who we hear have been eating mainly pizza. That is not food justice!

For more information, contact tristanqt@gmail.com.

Send this to everyone you know, and stay tuned for a larger event on World Food Day, October 16th.

Can't make the march? Donate to the NYC General Assembly. Help feed the organizers!

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