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A Vanilla Blended Drink Just Like the Coffee Houses Make

Calling all coffee lovers! For years now, blended drinks have been all the rage at your local coffee shop. What’s not to like? They’re sweet, rich, icy cold and refreshing. Our version tastes a bit lighter, but still packs all of the flavor and the punch. So blend one, sit back and enjoy every delicious sip... More »

Meet the Orange Skinny

We’ve figured out the two secret tastes in the popular Orange Julius drinks -- but ours is a whole lot healthier! We’re using light vanilla soy milk and a little sugar substitute. The result is a refreshing sipper bursting with a sweet, creamy orange flavor with half the calories and a third of the sugar. More »

Homemade Strawberries Wild Smoothie

Now you can create one of the most popular Jamba Juice smoothies right at home. All you need is a blender and a handful ingredients. It’s so dreamy tasting your family won't believe it came from your own kitchen. More »

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