"Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future." ~Thich Nat Hahn

The Revolutionary Act of Drinking Tea


(Preferrably Wild Tea)


"They" are messing with everything it seems. Our farms, our food, our rights, our earth, our water, our sanity.

Some days I wish I were Godzilla with the articulation abilities of Ani DiFranco and Rage Against the Machine and an army of guerrilla gardeners to back me up.

It's those times of rage stemming from deep love for the Earth that I just have to step away from the news, sit my butt down, and have a revolutionary cup of tea.

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Boiled water, and wild plants.

There will always be a way to have tea, I'm convinced. I'm convinced it's the incredible cornerstone of herbal healing too - the ability to walk among the creatures and green beings of our planet, gather the simplest of plants that are easy to identify, and make tasty steamy beverages that heal our bodies and nourish our wholeness.

Even as I look out my door while I type this, onto my simple flat yard and tiny new herb garden as it drinks up the rain, I see a hundred cups of tea possible.

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Just like Jean's Greens slogan states:

"Herbal Tea Works".

It's not rocket science. Our body tells us the warm, aromatic liquid going down is the stuff of life. Our minds settle, we breathe in the scented steam, and feel the warmth travel through our chest, stomach, and skin. Our belly tells us we need hot lemon tea when we're nauseous, and we crave rooty bitters on cold early mornings.

We've created tea times and tea rituals so we can hear the wisdom that arises as we sip our daily cup. We've made gadgets and trinkets and mugs of all kids to decorate and enable us. We've created every conceivable exotic blend of plants to satiate our undying obsession with tea and it's devoted exchange of health and well being.

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What's outside your door that you can brew into tea today? Do you have some pretty clover or violet blossoms? Mint or sage? Goldenrod flowers? Apple trees?

Go ahead, be un-certified. Be un-graded. Be un-homogonized.

Make some revolutionary tea and be reminded that you are part of the earth's indelible bounty and incredible healing capacity.

Autumn Equinox Blessings,



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