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For all our Dutch and Flemish clients interested in watching the documentary The Atlas Blaeu - Van der Hem we have some good news. The documentary will be broadcast by the Dutch public broadcasting corporation 'Omroep Max'.

Dates of the broadcast:
Saturday 2 juni at 15.00 hr, Nederland 2
Tuesday 12 juni at 14.10 hr, Nederland 2 (rerun)

The documentary on the Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem gives an amazing report on the history of the Atlas and the coming about of the facsimile. It is directed by the well known Dutch director Han Budding (known for o.a. Tussen Kunst & Kitsch, the Dutch version of the Antiques Roadshow).

For more information about the facsimile please visit the special website: www.blaeuvanderhem.com

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Order the documentary on DVD

If you are unable to catch the documentary on 'Omroep Max', we also have the 50 minute documentary available on DVD, with both English as well as Dutch language settings.

We have two versions available. A Europe version and a US version.

Price: € 49,95 (incl. VAT, excl. shipping)

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