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September 13th session almost SOLD OUT!

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Both 630pm and 745pm camps for the September 13th session have only a couple spots remaining. I have a promo running with a local wedding planner, so expect these to go very quickly!

Don't be left behind! New camp layouts will be implemented to increase your results. And a new mind/body success connection will be starting September 13th at each and every camp. Stay tuned for details.

With September upon us, the weather will be turning cold as fall arrives!! My favourite time of year :) I am actively looking for rental space in the Port Credit/Lorne Park area to run winter camps from and will keep you posted as it unfolds. The other option will be to return to Fitness Fanatix. Expect to move inside latter part of October, early November. It's all weather driven. I will keep you up to date as events are confirmed.


Be the Change - It all starts with You!

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Complaining does nothing to solve anything. Take action towards a better way. Be a renegade and lead the pack!
You have it within you to do it!

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Thank You for Your Vote!!

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A huge hug to you for voting for me for Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The 22K in prize money will go along way to expanding Bootcamp Goddess and allow for increased marketing, promotion, and finishing online registration of the website and the back office.

Please make sure you fill out the short information form and then click on the VOTE FOR sign, top right of page. You know it has recorded your vote, when you click on the VOTE FOR tab and it comes back with "thank you for your vote"

If you have not voted yet I would appreciate you taking the time to do so now and do your part in spreading the Bootcamp Goddess message.

Please forward to friends, family, your Facebook, Twitter acounts, Linkedin etc to spread the word! Thank you xx


Contest closes Sunday September 12th.


If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always
get what you've always got."

Have an excellent day!

Be well,

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