What just happened in Wisconsin affects all of us. It's a national issue, not a state issue, and it's coming to our doorsteps.

Republican legislators used a self-made budget crisis to justify stripping away decades of public employee collective bargaining rights. The changes were made without negotiating with Democrats or unions, and when all budget-related demands were met by the unions, they were ignored. In the end, it was just about reducing the power workers are able to exert through their unions. It was political, not budgetary. And it won't stop at public employees in Wisconsin. There are similar measures in 17 states right now, many of them battleground states.

Fresh off their "victory" in the Wisconsin Legislature, Republicans are flying to DC on Wednesday to attend a high dollar fundraiser at the offices of BGR Group, a lobbying firm started by Haley Barbour and others. We intend to greet them and send the message that we will not sit by idly while Republicans across the nation seek to restructure political power away from workers and toward corporate bosses.

The demonstration is being organized by public interest, watchdog, and labor groups. Will you join us Wednesday?

This fight to save the political power of workers will have a direct effect on the 2012 election. While the White House has made measured public responses as of late, Organizing for America has been helping organize protests in Wisconsin for the past few weeks. They know what's at stake. Republicans have been working at a fever pitch to reestablish their power since the Supreme Court gave the green light to unlimited corporate money in politics with the Citizens United ruling. The results of the 2010 midterm elections show the extent to which corporations are willing to spend their money to defeat a Democratic Party that has sought to put power back in the hands of average Americans.

We need you there on Wednesday.

This fight to save workers' rights is the beginning of the Race for the White House. Public employees are not parasites, as they've been called by those on the Right. They are teachers, nurses, clerks, police officers, fire fighters; the people that keep our democracy functioning. They deserve our respect and they need our support now.

I hope we can count on you to join us Wednesday at 5pm. Click here sign up.

If you're still on the fence, watch this video from Wisconsin when you get home tonight. It should inspire you.

See you Wednesday!

Adam L. Barr
Founder, DC for Obama

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