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Kosher Casual does modest fashion a bit different than others and we want you to know about it.

Kosher Casual offers many modern, fashionable, updated looks with our modest reinterpretation. We check out constantly what is happening in the fashion world and make it modest. Don't get us wrong, we do not sell cutting edge fashion nor do we try to, but just great updated basics that women and girls wear everyday.

We also pride ourselves in offering a range of modest clothing as varied as the numerous definitions of modest dressing. We applaud all of them and try to show that in our mix of clothing - varying skirt lengths, sleeve lengths, neck openings, leggings, and modest accessories. We know not everything is for everyone, but that is fine with us.

You know your market and we would love to hear from you at info@koshercasual.com.on what you think and how we can serve you better.


Kosher Casual Affiliate Program


First of all, we are glad to get you to know you and please send us a note back telling us your goals for your efforts and what you would like to see in the modest clothing world.

Secondly, GET AFFILATED! Please sign up on our webite as an affiliate and put one of our various banners on your website. Any referral sales that result from your linking (even in the extended future) will receive a 10% commission from us.

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Want a Freebie??

Who doesn't like a freebie? We will gladly send you one of our amazing products complimentary for your review in your blog. You can pick from our great denim skirts, pencil skirts, running skirts, creative modest accessories, layering pieces and more.

Just e-mail info@koshercasual.com

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