ImageFramer newsletter #2

Greetings from Apparent Software!

In this release:

Two useful tips for using ImageFramer.
ImageFramer is part of MacGraPhoto bundle launched today


What is MacGraPhoto and why should you care?

ImageFramer is part of MacGraPhoto bundle that brings you 7 graphical applications for the price of one for a limited 2-weeks period.

You already have ImageFramer, so why should it interest you?
For several reasons:
1. You will still get 6 great graphics applications for the price of one
2. You can give your additional ImageFramer license as a gift to someone who will like it. We will help you to transfer the license.
3. You can get the entire MacGraPhoto bundle for free. Read how.


Tip 1: Drag and drop image into ImageFramer and from ImageFramer

Did you know that to load a photo into ImageFramer you can simply drag an image file icon from Finder into either ImageFramer icon or even ImageFramer's main window? Usually, it's much faster than opening from the menu or tool bar with the Open dialog, since you already found the file in Finder.

But did you also know that you can hold drop images from ImageFramer into the Finder? To do this, start dragging with Command key pressed (Cmd-Drag) from ImageFramer's window. An icon of your framed photo will appear. Drop the icon somewhere in the Finder or on the desktop. Note, the image will be named automatically named according to the Export filename settings in the ImageFramer preferences window. The format of the image and its size will also be selected automatically from the Export preferences, without asking. This is great if you always save to the same format with similar size settings. Then you can bypass Export dialog altogether.

drag drop

Tip 2: Trick to add multiple nested frames (frame-inside-a-frame)

ImageFramer 2 doesn't directly support frame inside a frame, but there is a simple work-around to that. You should frame the image with the inner frame, export it, and then frame the exported image with an outer frame. Try it - the results can be stunning!
Some examples:


By the way, ImageFramer 3 will have embedded multi-frames feature, so there will be no need for this workaround when it will be released.

Jacob and Kosta
Apparent Software.

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