ImageFramer Newsletter - April 2010

Greetings from Apparent Software!

In this release:

ImageFramer version 2.4.6 is released
A tip for using ImageFramer
A small bonus for ImageFramer users


ImageFramer 2.4.6 release

The new ImageFramer version has 12 new frames:
* 5 frames with kid-oriented frames, that appear in Artistic collection
* 2 frames in Golden set and 5 in Wooden set in the Real collection
The frames were added to the top of the sets, so you can find them easier.

As always, in order to update your version, use auto-update or download it here.


Tip: Using eyedropper tool to select a color for the frame

Selecting a color for the frame to match a color in the framed image is a good framing tactic. This can be achieved easily in ImageFramer by using the eyedropper tool.
In order to use it, follow these instructions:
1. Open controls dialog
2. Select "Frame" tab to edit frame details
3. Click on "Colorize" check-box to enable frame coloring
4. Click on the "Frame Color" box to open frame color selection dialog
5. In the color selection dialog, click on the eyedropper icon (looks like a magnifying glass)
6. A cursor shape will change to a large magnifying glass. Now select the point on an image to pick its color
7. A frame will now be colored in the selected shade. You may need to adjust the brightness slider to select desired lightness to the selected color.

DEVONthink Pro Office

A small bonus for ImageFramer users

We have teamed up with our friends at DEVONtechnologies to offer you a $10 discount on their DEVONthink application.

DEVONthink is a Personal Document Management Solution.
If you are swamped by Paper, Emails and Notes, DEVONthink can help you to deal with this information overload.

It is the one database for all your digital files, a practical, powerful document manager that uses built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you collect and organize everything from emails to PDFs, whether they’re located on your Mac or on the web.

Use the links below to realize your $10 discount:
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DEVONthink Pro Office


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