Freestyle Thursdays with Atherton : Season 2

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Freestyle Thursdays is a weekly web series focusing on a variety of themed freestyle rap songs. The show - brought to you by AthertonTV.com - will regularly feature guest rappers, pro athletes and scantily clad women! It's part hip hop, part comedy...think of it as the love child of BET's "Rap City" and "Between Two Ferns".

Season 2 Episode 2:
This weeks guest appearance is by Ottawa turntablist DJ KAEM. KAEM has over a decade of DJ and production experience and is highly sought after by in the Ottawa scene for his signature upbeat and catchy, yet experimental, sounds. Though he has never entered any competitions, he as long been regarded by others as one of the city's greatest, allowing his work to speak for itself. This week's beat was produced by Nock Nock - and is entitled "Dirty Rock".

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Atherton is a Canadian MC from Ottawa, Ontario. As a member of The Leathers, he toured extensively throughout the US, Canada, and Asia. Now, Atherton is working on his solo record No Threat - a project 4 years in the making. No Threat will be released on May 19, will several videos and tours slated to support the album. Please contact me for any booking, media, or other inquiries.

Tony Caferro, DTR

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