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Well folks, it’s been about one year since I began writing newsletters, and when I started, there really wasn’t much news to tell about Brian Hudson Incorporated. But now folks there’s something real and big about to happen up in here. Please read on so I can drop something big on y’all.


Me and Matt Harlan have been having a helluva time making music together on the Summer Ramble 2011. We've gotten to visit some great places and people.

But all things must end, and yesterday we began our southern descent, leaving Duluth to slowly ramble our way back to Texas. And although that’s kind of a sad thing for us, there’s a big show on the horizon keeping our spirits up!

On July 23rd at Flipnotics in Austin, TX, Matt Harlan and I will be joined by some great folk singers: Owen Temple and Adam Carroll. Although these guys are huge talents in their own right, that night we will get to hear them try to sing the songs of the even more talented Gary Floater. Me and ol' Harlan might even attempt a Gary song that evening.

If you aren’t familiar with the music of Gary Floater, you're sadly amongst the unfortunate many. Come get schooled by the foremost Floater scholars and help me and Matt celebrate our homecoming at Flips.

Other Big News

1 Brian Hudson Incorporated is gearing to begin making another album this Fall...
2 A special digital release of the newish recordings of “Diet and Exercise” and “Where’s My Wallet” is about to drop.
3 I’m performing at this year’s Rice Festival in Fischer, TX!
4 I’m also performing at this year’s Harestock Festival in beautiful College Station.

Upcoming Musical/Entrepreneurial Events

July 11 – WI – Menomonie – The Raw Deal
July 14 – KS – Wichita – College Hill house Concerts
July 16 – AR – Fayetteville – Castle on the Hill Concerts
July 18 – TX – Dallas – Opening Bell (performing w/ Keri Arista)
July 20 – TX – Denton – Dan’s Silverleaf
July 21 – TX – Nacogdoches – The Runaway Mule
July 22 – TX – Galveston – The Old Quarter
July 23 – TX – Austin – Flipnotics Coffeespace

Miscellaneous Thank Yous

Thanks to the following people for their recent show of support and/or kindness toward this humble music/business operation: John and Pharaby Wilson, John and Lori in Duluth, Mike Swenson for the hang in Bismarck, James in Bismarck, Reba in Ogden (for a rich hang on a work night), Shawn and Grant in San Angelo, Hank Woji in Terlingua, David Beebe in Marfa, Lee Herman in Las Cruces, Mateo and Sarah in Denver, Tanya/David in Nederland for digs, Mike in Ned for goodies, Lee Penn Sky and Callie for digs in Boise, Marsha and Denise in Sandpoint, Mary Louise and Patty Zapp in Missoula, and Parker Graves and family in Billings.

That's the news folks.

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