Some Really Hot Ways to Stay Cool!


Dressing modestly does not mean being hot all summer long. Kosher Casual offers you some great ideas how to stay cool and comfortable during the coming dog days of summer. Cotton ribbed tops, cotton lycra pencil skirts, and some funky modest creative accessories ideas. In fact, we even created a few video clips to view them. So get some popcorn out (the low fat kind, remember it is bathing suit season!) and scroll down the page to view.

Kosher Casual's mini-bolero layering shrugs are great stylish accessory as well as a modest cover-up for the arms and shoulders.To view the clip, just scroll down on this product page half way down the right hand side and click play.

The mini-shrug can be worn as a jacket or under a short sleeve shirt to serve as a sleeve extension. They are made from super soft and stretchy NATURAL viscose with 10% Lycra fabric.

The layering shrugs can serve as a modest accessory for covering tanks, jumpers, and short sleeve tops with style. They are available in black and white, in women sizes XS - XL. Only $16.

Sleevies ® sleeve extensions are an original design made from either 95% cotton/ 5% Lycra or 90% Viscose 10% Lycra with elastic band at the upper arm. Sleevies ® sleeve add-ons enable any short sleeve top to be converted into a 3/4 sleeve shirt, grabbing the upper arm firmly, yet comfortably.

Sleevies ® sleeve extensions come in black and white for $10 (in the cotton Lycra and $12 in the viscose Lycra) and are also currently on promotion in a rainbow of other colors in the cotton lycra version for only $6, including royal blue, dusty rose, olive, mustard, purple, orange, and dark brown. Mix or Match on each arm!

Please note the unusual sizing:
Extra Small – For thin women and pre-teens
Small - Average adult size
Medium - Larger girls and women

Just scroll down half way on this product page on the right hand side and click play to see the video on Sleevies ®.

Our cropped 3/4 sleeve layering shell is a creative modest layering option made from soft and stretchy 90% cotton/ 10% lycra fabric. Its idea was "born" as a maternity tank (still great as a maternity option as well), but works for every modest dresser who wants to stay cool. A thin elastic band sits under the bra to comfortably hold the layering top in place for maximum modesty coverage with minimum fabric. The shell comes in black and white from sizes XS - XL women. XS works for pre-teens as well. Only $16.

Cover your Cleavage with TeeNecks ®. TeeNeck ® layering supplement offers the modesty of a second shirt or layer without the confinement or bulk. TeeNeck ® shirt supplements are designed to wear together with lower cut tops or dresses to cover up exposed areas of the chest, shoulders, and back – with style and comfort. Made from buttery soft 90% Viscose and 10% Lycra for a light and comfortable feel.

One Size fits Most (Juniors and Adults). Available in White, Black and Off White. Only $13.

Cool, Covered, and Comfortable! To view the clip, just scroll down on this product page half way down the right hand side and click play to see the TeeNeck ® video.

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