Today we have some great news for our users with Windows PCs! We just released the Playmysong Winamp App, which turns your Winamp playlists into a social jukebox you and your friends can control with your phones. You can view the Playmysong Winamp App Getting Started Guide from here. You can also see the live demo of our app at SF New Tech from here.

Playmysong Winamp 2

Our Winamp app is perfect for venues, events, parties and homes where a Windows PC is being used to play local music files. For the youngsters out there, Winamp is a great free music player for Windows PCs, which is favored by many music professionals due to its versatility.

With our Winamp app you can host your social jukebox like a true pro with these options:
- Possibility to use an external sound card with optical connection with your amplifier
- Use cross-fades in-between songs and say goodbye to "hot silence"
- Possibility to use lossless files as file sizes are rarely an issue when using a PC

Our Winamp app is also great for listening to music at home! Just launch our app with your favorite playlists and use your phone or tablet to queue up songs while in a different room from your PC. This works great while cooking, watching TV, cleaning or doing sports.

You can find our app from here. We hope that you and your friends will have as much fun using our Winamp App as we have had in developing and using it.

Warm Regards,

Playmysong Team

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