ImageFramer Newsletter - February 2010

Greetings from Apparent Software!

In this release:

ImageFramer version 2.4.4 is released
Special discount for ImageFramer users
A tip for using ImageFramer


ImageFramer 2.4.4 release

The new ImageFramer version has the following changes:

FIX: Now when loading a design on application launch, the frames selection pane will open.
FIX: More robust license key check to prevent erroneous rejects of licenses, in some cases.
NEW: ImageFramer version is now displayed in Finder's Get Info panel.

To download latest ImageFramer version, click on Download ImageFramer

You can also update your existing ImageFramer installation using Auto-update feature that can be found in ImageFramer menu. We advise you to enable an automatic check for updates. You can do it in Updates pane of ImageFramer's Preferences.

Cashculator icon

Special discount for ImageFramer users

In November we've introduced our second application, Cashculator.

Cashculator is a unique cash flow forecaster and tracker for your family or small business. It focuses on the future and allows very fast operation without tedious transaction entry.

We value our customers and we want to offer you a $5 discount on Cashculator.

The offer is valid until Feb 28.
You can forward this offer to your friends.

To take advantage of the offer, use coupon code CC5DDJ on checkout.

To learn more about Cashculator, visit Cashculator page.


Tip: How to create custom frames for ImageFramer

Did you know that you can create custom frames for ImageFramer from your own stock images? To learn about it If you are not sure how to create custom frames, consult ImageFramer user manual and see these tutorials made by ImageFramer power users:
* How to make perfectly seamless frames by Glen Dahlman
* How to make seamless framing stock by Ralph Geiger

After learning how to create custom frames, you are welcome to take a look on Ralph's tutorial about building complex frames composed of several different moldings (like the one below). You can also download the frames he created and add them to your collection.


Note that for one-time framing you can always use a simple work-around and frame the image with the inner frame, export it, and then frame the exported image with an outer frame. But if you would like to use this complex frame over and over again, you'd better create it as a custom frame based on Ralph's tutorial. Also, ImageFramer 3 will have embedded multi-frames feature, so there will be no need for this workaround when it will be released.

Jacob and Kosta
Apparent Software.

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