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Latest ImageFramer news
Tip: How to resize frame and mats in the main window?

ImageFramer news

The latest ImageFramer release was version 2.4.2 on Oct 28.
Version 2.4 brought Snow Leopard compatibily and French localization.
Version 2.4.2 fixes a critical crashing bug that occured when working with multiple variations.

If you haven't yet updated your version, you're invited to update either by download from Apparent Software website or using auto-update feature in ImageFramer.

In general, we advise to keep auto-update on at all time, to get the updates as they come out. You can enable it in ImageFramer's preferences.

Tip: How to resize frame and mats in the main window?

You can changes the width of mats or the frame withotu the controls panel by clicking on the frame or the mat in the main window and dragging the cursor inside the image (to widen) or outside the image to make them thinner. You can do it on any side of the frame.

The image below illustrates how to make the frame wider.

P.S. Have you seen our new web site design? We've done a total re-design of the web site with better graphics, explanations and usability.
Take a look at http://www.apparentsoft.com.

Jacob and Kosta
Apparent Software.

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