Canada's only event for the acclaimed cartoonist at the D+Q Librairie this Saturday at 7 PM

"The creator of the last great American comic strip."–Michael Chabon

"Ben Katchor is possibly my favourite cartoonist. More a surrealist poem than a traditional comic strip. He performs that often promised yet rarely accomplished feat of transforming the mundane into the sublime."–Seth from his review of the book in The Globe and Mail

"Ben Katchor is one of those cultural figures who evokes a variety of reliable responses: You’ve never heard of him; you are vaguely aware of him; or you’re entirely and irrevocably smitten with his peculiar charms."–New York Times Magazine

Katchor, Ben credit Jeff Goodmansmall

This Saturday, we are thrilled and honoured to host an event for the legendary cartoonist Ben Katchor: a New Yorker & Metropolis Magazine contributor; Macarthur fellowship recipient; Obie Award-winner; Guggenheim fellowship recipient among many others accolades. He will be reading and projecting images from The Cardboard Valise, which will be followed by a Q&A session and book signing. Katchor is the famed cartoonist of the books Jew of New York, Julius Knipl, and Beauty Supply District. The Cardboard Valise is his first book in over a decade. For more information visit his blog.

Check out the Facebook event here.

Lancement de The Cardboard Valise avec Ben Katchor

Ben Katchor sera sur place pour une lecture de The Cardboard Valise, suivie par une séance de questions-réponses et une séance de dédicaces.

L'événement Facebook se trouve ici.

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