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A Message from Zandra, Anderson, Texas Dog Lawyer and Founder of Texas Dog Commission

Breed Specific Legislation is on fire for the 2011 Texas Legislative session. Cynthia Kent, a former judge, is promoting a proposal that would make it a third degree felony to own an American Pit Bull Terrier or other related breeds. Her second proposal is for harsh restrictions on ownership, strict liability and dog insurance of $250,000.00 for owners of the breeds. For full analysis of the Kent Proposals, go to www.TexasDogCommission.com and look under 2011 Legislative Session.

There is already one bill that has been introduced that is breed specific (HB 998) and there are more promised to come. HB 998 is targeting all breeds of dogs twenty pounds and over (intact males) and puts serious restrictions on owning all of these breeds including mixed breeds. This proposed law requires owners to buy dog insurance of $100,000.00.

The restrictions include such things as not being able to participate an any off lead activities (obedience, rally, agility, dog parks, even Greyhound racing), muzzling your dog when on a leash, and requiring owners to have secure enclosures meant for dogs already legally declared dangerous. This bill penalizes dogs that have done nothing wrong simply because they are of a breed that weighs twenty or more pounds. The proposed law includes mixed breeds of that weight, also. For full analysis of HB 998 go to www.TexasDogCommission.com and look under 2011 Legislative Session.

The best way to prevent bad laws for dogs is to get ahead of the pack. The only way to do that is through coordinated efforts of dog owners who care and importantly to have our message that BSL will not be accepted in any form promoted in Austin by our own advocates on the ground.

Funds are needed to pay for our Austin advocates and for other costs associated fighting BSL (printing of briefs for legislators, mailing costs, etc.). The Texas Dog Commission is collecting donations for fighting BSL. The Texas Dog Commission does not have any overhead costs (no office or employees), so 100% of every cent collected for this cause will go to protect our dogs from Breed Specific Legislation.

DONATE at www.TexasDogCommission.com (by PayPal or any major credit card). Please, donate whatever you can to this cause. Let’s make sure these bad laws never get any bite!

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