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Your Donation Will Be DOUBLED!

DEADLINE DATE: August 30th, 2011

As you may have read in the news, the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills (HSSF) received a tip that animals were being neglected and possibly abused in rural Loomis. After conducting extensive investigations, performing all legal protocol for search and seizure requirements, and putting together a team of professionals to assist, the humane officers of HSSF seized (rescued) 75 animals being housed in horrific conditions.

To describe the living conditions of these sick and malnourished animals, along with either stagnant or no water in the heat, would make anyone cringe. The Auburn Journal has printed two articles. You can read them here: Article #1, Article #2, but suffice it to say the seizure included dogs (used for breeding, infected with parasites and deadly diseases), sheep, goats (with injuries), pigs (without food or water), and others. All the animals had to be medically treated and must be kept in safe conditions (surgeries for a few, ongoing medical treatment for others-one puppy with Parvovirus did not survive).

This part of OPERATION EMERGENCY RESCUE is extremely costly. Imagine the daily expense of boarding just one of your animals, add daily medical treatments, multiply that by 75, and you will have some idea of the costs we are incurring. As of this writing, they are close to $20,000 and steadily rising.

We need your help more than ever before.

Your Donation Will Be DOUBLED!
We have a generous donor who is willing to match every dollar donated to HSSF between now and August 30, 2011 up to $ 5,000. We are so grateful for this very welcome offer. We need you to respond with your most generous gift possible.

HSSF is dedicated to protecting animals from abuse and neglect. It takes courage to stay the course with an operation on the scale as this case is, but we will not turn our backs on abused or neglected animals. With your contribution of any amount, you will support our ongoing efforts. In donating now, your tax-deductible donation will be matched, dollar for dollar. Please make as generous a donation as you can and inform your friends and family of the need.

To donate on line.
To mail a donation. Make checks payable to HSSF and mail to 2945 Bell Road #175, Auburn, CA 95603.

Thank you!

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Please consider making a donation to help support this rescue project and others that follow.

GET FORM HERE to mail a donation. Make checks payable to HSSF and mail to 2945 Bell Road #175, Auburn, CA 95603.


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Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter works to find homes for homeless, abused and neglected animals, while the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills enforces the laws of animal abuse and neglect. Considered "sister" organizations, they work collectively to protect animals and serve the public. Both organizations are approved 501(c)3 non-profit groups.


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