It's hard to believe 10 years have already past.

This weekend will be a historic time to reflect and remember that clear morning on September 11, 2001. As you move throughout your day on Sunday, our goal is for your thoughts to be on more important things than traffic and transit.

With that said, here's the weekend's Roadify forecast:

Leading Up to 9/11

In lieu of a recent terror threat, expect to see armed personnel in major commuting hubs and byways.
* Expect increased searches of bags and backpacks on subways and buses.
* Drivers should expect security checkpoints and increased security at city bridges and tunnels.
* If you see anything suspicious as you travel, please first report it to 311 (or 911 if dangerous) before writing about it in Roadify. Security first, then Roadify.


Thousands are expected in Lower Manhattan on Sunday to partake in memorial ceremonies, even though the official Ceremony will be private to family members.

The following stops in Lower Manhattan will be affected:

Cortlandt St on the R Line will be closed for a few hours.
Park Place on the 2 and 3 Lines and Chambers St- WTC on the A, C, E are subject to entrance closures for crowd control.
These buses will be rerouted: M5, M20, M22, X1, X10, X17

Check your app for more details.

Other Service Alerts in Plain English

No L Trains between Broadway Junction and 8th Ave. Look for free shuttles to J, M lines at Marcy.
The Brooklyn-bound R train platform at Cortlandt St station reopens!
No Q trains between Prospect Park and Stillwell Ave.
Bronx bound D trains run on the N from Stillwell to 36 St.
Coney Island-bound F trains run via the M from Roosevelt Av to 47-50 Sts.

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